Udaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Udaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update- Rajeshwari Confess Her Crimes on BiggBoss12Auditions.com

Colors TV Channel High TRP show Udaan 30th October 2018 Serial goes on with the scene in which the Chakor is completing her pooja and then moon rises there. All ladies are coming outside whereas everyone starts to see moon seeing rituals along with their husband. But Chakor is closing her eyes and finally Suraj is coming in front of her. Chakor opens her eyes and sees him. She smiles and then run to hug him. Suraj stops her and shows his time bomb to her. Everyone gets shocked to see this.

Here Anjor is going to Vikram’s room. Rajeshwari is coming there and smiles to see this scene while Chakor is crying to see Suraj and here Anjor is reaching just near to Vikram. Rajeshwari says to Chakor that you will not win because you are nothing in front of me because you don’t know about politicians. She asks Chakor to release Vikram as soon as possible. Suddenly, Vikram is coming there and says that the game is starting now. Juts get ready to play. Everyone looks towards him.

Udaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode:

Vikram is coming in between of crowd. Anjor asks Vikram about the time bomb of her father Suraj. He says that your dady is tying with time bomb. After some time, it will blast and then your father will be getting die. He will go so far from us. Anjor says to Vikram that you told me that you will release out my father whenever I will release you or open your rope. Vikram says Chakor don’t want this. Only she is responsible for this. Anjor is not ready to listen anything.

Chakor is going near to Rajeshwari and puts a knife on her neck. She threatens Vikram to release out her daughter and husband as soon as possible. Otherwise she will kill Rajeshwari. If you will not hear her then she will handover Rajeshwari and Vikram to the Police because they are really bad man. They are doing wrong with this village and village people.

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Udaan 30th October 2018 Written Episode:

Here some media people, lawyer, and judge are coming there. Chakor is giving her statement that Rajeshwari is such a criminal lady. Suraj says that Chakor never falls down in front of the bad people. Chakor is threatening Vikram very badly. He says to Chakor that you are in dreams because I will not leave you and even not your Vikram too. Chakor snatches bomb remote from Vikram’s hand. He says that, this remote is duplicate, not real. You will not able to save your husband. He added that, it is timer bomb and it never operates with remote. But I know you don’t have knowledge about bomb. But as I already told you that, I make your Karwa Chauth very bad this time. Not you will alive and not your husband will seeing here.

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