Ishq Subhan Allah Upcoming Twist: Zara Death News Shatters Everyone

Ishq Subhan Allah Upcoming Twist: Zara Death News Shatters Everyone on

Zee TV is witnessing so many Hindi TV Shows which are airing on this channel full week. One of them is Ishq Subhan Allah. This is one of the biggest High TRP and interesting show which is witnessing a number of twists and turns. Here we can share a Ishq Subhan Allah upcoming twist through which you may come to know about the upcoming news of this show. As we know, Zara and Kabir are trying to find out the culprit or the real murder who have killed Nilofer and then ward boy too. This time, Zara is in the box whereas everyone blamed her for the murder of Nilofer and ward boy both. But there is someone else who have planned to trap Zara and wants to send her into the jail.  Check all TV Serial News 2018.

In the upcoming episode, Zara will find out the man behind the murders. She will meet Miraj and comes to know that he is the killer. Here Kabir makes a call to Zara just to inform her about the loop hole in their team. But when Zara receives his call then he is about to inform her. Suddenly, Miraj comes there and snatches her phone call. He says to Kabir that I am with Zara. Now I am going to kill her because I already fitted a time bomb in her car.

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Ishq Subhan Allah Upcoming Twist: Zara Exposes Miraj, Kabir Ready to Remarry Her

Ishq Subhan Allah Upcoming Twist: Zara Death News Shatters Everyone:

Kabir gets shattered. He says to Miraj to leave his Zara at any cost otherwise he won’t leave him. But Miraj cuts the call. Later a news comes out like Zara is dead just because of the time bomb. All over Miraj has finished Zara’s chapter. Everyone will be getting shattered to hear this. But Kabir is not ready to believe this news. He thinks that Zara is alive and she is somewhere else. But Kabir will start to track her because he knows that she is alive. In the upcoming episode of Ishq Subhan Allah, Kabir will come to know everything about Zara and finds out her. Later he will be getting ready to re-marry her.

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